Potty Training

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potty trainingTips for Potty Training Success

So when should you take your puppy out to potty?

1. Before Crate
2. After Crate
3. After Meal
4. After Play
5. When you see your puppy sniffing your floor with intent

  • 2 Months Old —-> every 1-2 hr’s
  • Each additional month —-> add 1hr
  • Six months plus —-> 6-8hr’s

The Do’s & Don’ts

  • Always put your puppy on leash when taking potty
  • Find a quiet boring area to potty. Eliminate all distractions
  • Reward you puppy with praise for going potty in correct area
  • If your puppy does not potty after several minutes bring immediately back to crate. 
    Wait several minutes and try again
  • Use crate when you cannot supervise your puppy
  • Clean up indoor accidents immediately with proper cleaner
  • Keep your puppy on a regular feeding & potty schedule
  • Never Punish the puppy for accidents. Do not rub puppy’s nose in, yell or get mad
  • Never leave puppy unattended

Most Importantly: Be Patient

Sample Schedule:
Wake up and immediately take puppy outside —-> 15 minutes
Stay outside and let puppy explore —-> 15-20 minutes
Feeding time (food & water) digestion time (inside crate) —-> 30 minutes
Take puppy outside to potty —-> 15 minutes
Stay outside or bring puppy inside to play
When done playing put puppy inside crate or supervised area to rest

We hope you find this information helpful. Please remember every puppy has a different makeup so if you need to take a step back or get a little creative to help the process go smoother than by all means do it. Should you get stuck and need additional guidance from our trainers, you can reach out by clicking on the following link: Contact us