Place Command

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Place Command 1

Teaching the Place Command

  1. We like to start by luring the dog onto the place bed with either kibble or treats
  • If your dog is having a hard time wanting to go onto the bed, make sure to remain patient & provide encouragement. Once your dog is completely on the bed, lure them into the resting down position. When your dog is in the down position, mark it with “yes” followed by praise & reward.
  1. Next we teach the release command. They are not allowed to come off until you give them the release command. We typically use “Break” as the release. When your dog is just learning, release them fairly quickly during the teaching phase. Start slow and keep your criteria realistic.
  2. Repeat these steps to get your dog conditioned to what “place” and “break” mean.
  3. Once your dog is used to the bed, then you can start to add duration over time.
  4. If your dog gets off the bed, tell them your no command and guide them back onto the place bed.
  • Remember to reward while they are on the bed
  • It will be helpful to use a leash or long line so if your dog tries to get off the bed prematurely, you can tell wrong and then guide them back onto the bed