About Us

Honor K9 was founded by Mark Harrison. Mark is a credentialed (CDT) Multi-disciplined Dog Trainer & Behaviorist that is well versed within the training spectrum. Mark’s credentials were earned by working within the industry, not purchased.

Mark’s formal training began by working at two separate working K9 kennels. This allowed Mark to learn hands on from the ground up  ” When you work at a Kennel, you gain invaluable experience you cannot purchase or read in a book” – Mark.  He then went on to earn his certification as a Master Certified Service Dog Trainer which led him to train for a large service dog organization that provides highly trained dogs for the disabled.

Prior to training dogs full time, Mark was a Project Manager for a Department of Defense Contractor and worked on several working K9 programs. The programs involved equipping canines with various environmental sensors that would allow data and information to be captured / dispersed worldwide and in real-time. Additionally, he was part of the team that helped develop an implantable sensor that captured internal bio-telemetry data in support of K9 health and safety.

Today, aside from training pet dogs for his own company, Mark enjoys training his personal dog in competitive working dog sports and is a founding member of North County American Schutzhund Club (NCAS). Additional membership/s include: United Schutzhund Clubs of America https://www.germanshepherddog.com/  , Protection Sports Association (PSA) & American Schutzhund (AS) https://psak9-as.org/as/

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“I will always remain a student of the industry. This is what I love to do, working dogs and teaching people. For me, this is a complete lifestyle not just something I do for a paycheck. When you are truly passionate about what you do it shows, and I hope people can see that when they work with me.” – Mark Harrison